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Marissa Nadler - 2014 Sacred Bones (US) / Bella Union (UK)

CD Tracklist:
01. Drive
02. 1923
03. Firecrackers
04. We Are Coming Back
05. Dead City Emily
06. Was It a Dream
07. I've Got Your Name
08. Desire
09. Anyone Else
10. Holiday In
11. Nothing in My Heart




The Sister - 2012 Box of Cedar Records

CD Tracklist:
01. The Wrecking Ball Company
02. Love Again, There Is Fire
03. Chirstine
04. Apostle
04. Constantine
06. To A Road, Love
07. In A Little Town
08. Your Heart Is A Twisted Vine




Marissa Nadler - 2011 Box of Cedar Records

CD Tracklist:
01. In Your Lair, Bear
02. Alabaster Queen
03. The Sun Always Reminds Me Of You
04. Mr. John Lee Revisited
05. Baby, I Will Leave You In The Morning
06. Puppet Master
07. Wind Up Doll
08. Wedding
09. Little King
10. In A Magazine
11. Daisy, Where Did You Go?


Produced and Mixed by Brian McTear and Jonathan Low
Recorded at Miner Street Recordings, Philadelphia PA
Mastered by Paul Hammond and Paul Sinclair at Fat City, Blue Bell, PA
Collages, front photo, and layout by Ryan Walsh
Inner photograph on actual record- Courtney Brooke Hall

Players: Marissa Nadler, Carter Tanton, Ben McConnell, Orion Rigel Dommisse, Helena Espval, Jim Callan, Brian McTear




Little Hells - 2009 Kemado

CD Tracklist:
01. Heart Paper Lover
02. Rosary
03. Mary Come Alive
04. Little Hells
05. Ghosts & Lovers
06. Brittle, Crushed & Torn
07. The Whole Is Wide
08. River of Dirt
09. Loner
10. Mistress
11. (Bye, Bye, Ocean and Sky)


Produced by Chris Coady. Players: Marissa Nadler, Myles Baer, Simone Pace, Dave Scher




Songs III: Bird on the Water - 2007 Kemado/Peacefrog Records

CD Tracklist:
01. Diamond Heart
02. Dying Breed
03. Mexican Summer
04. Thinking of You
05. Silvia
06. Bird on Your Grave
07. Rachel
08. Feathers
09. Famous Blue Raincoat
10. My Love and I
11. Leather Made Shoes

EU - CD PFG096CD Peacefrog 2007
*sleeve features cut out design to reveal pattern underneath
EU - download Peacefrog 2007
US - CD KEM055 Kemado Records 2007

Produced by Greg Weeks and Marissa Nadler, Recorded by Greg Weeks at Hexham Head studio, Philadelphia, PA. All Songs written by Marissa Nadler, except 'Famous Blue Raincoat' (written by Leonard Cohen). Mastered by Mandy Parnell at Electric Mastering, London, Marissa Nadler - vocals, guitar, background vocals, Greg Weeks - synthesizer, acid leads, vocals, Helena Espvall - cello, Orion Rigel Dommisse - synthesizer, Jesse Sparhawk - mandolin, harp, Otto Hauser - percussion




The Saga of Mayflower - 2005

CD Tracklist:
01. Under an Old Umbrella
02. The Little Famous Song
03. Mr. John Lee (Velveteen Rose)
04. Damsels in the Dark
05. Lily, Henry, and the Willow Trees
06. Yellow Lights
07. Old Love Haunts Me in the Morning
08. My Little Lark
09. In the Time of the Lorry Low
10. Calico
11. Horses and Their Kin


Marissa Nadler: guitar, guitar (12 String), vocals, vacking vocals, bells, ukulele
Brian McTear: organ/Hammond (01,06 & 08)
Nick Castro: tin whistle (02), piano (07)

**Hover your mouse over cover art to see the vinyl artwork for The Saga of Mayflower.**




Ballads of Living and Dying - 2004

CD Tracklist:
01. Fifty Five Falls
02. Hay Tantos Muertos
03. Stallions
04. Undertaker
05. Box of Cedar
06. Bird Song
07. Mayflower May
08. Days of Rum
09. Virginia
10. Annabelle Lee

Vinyl Tracklist:
Moon Side
A1. Fifty Five Falls
A2. Hay Tantos Muertos
A3. Stallions
A4. Undertaker
A5. Box of Cedar

Sea Side
B1. Bird Song
B2. Mayflower May
B3. Days of Rum
B4. Virginia
B5. Annabelle Lee

US - CD nocat# Eclipse Records 2004
US - LP nocat# Eclipse Records 2004
UK - CD HAPP005CD Beautiful Happiness 2005
•booklet features printed lyrics


Produced, recorded and mixed by Myles Baer at Black Hole Sound Studios, 2003-2004. Layout design by Marissa Nadler, Photography by Myles Baer, All songs written by Marissa Nadler, except 'Hay Tantos Muertos' (words by Pablo Neruda), 'Annabelle Lee' (words by Edgar Allen Poe), Marissa Nadler - vocals, acoustic guitar, organ, keyboard, banjo. Myles Baer - electric guitar, e-bow, background vocals, accordion. Kendra Flowers - harmony vocals on 'Box of Cedar'.






OKX: A Tribute to OK Computer

CD Tracklist:
US - Stereogum 2007 (free download)
Track - No Surprises

Free download compilation celebrating the tenth anniversary of Radiohead's 1997 album, OK Computer



For The Dead in Space Vol. II & III

CD Tracklist:
US - Secret Eye 2003 (2xCD- AB-OC-05)
Track - Ballad to an Amber Lady

Tribute to Tom Rapp & Pearls Before Swine
also features Black Forest/Black Sea, Fursaxa, Kemialliset Ystävät, Bardo Pond



Crayon Angel: A Tribute To The Music of Judee Sill

Track Marissa Nadler & Black Hole Infinity: The Kiss

Various Artists DAD109
Released: Sep 22, 2009
Label: American Dust





Cloud Seeding Ink Jar/ Unquestioning - 2011 Bleek Records

CD Tracklist:
01. Ink Jar (Feat. Marissa Nadler)
02. Unquestioning (Feat. Marissa Nadler)

US CD BR02 Bleek Records 2011



Sailors With Wax Wings Sailors With Wax Wings - 2010 Angel Oven

CD Tracklist:
01, Soft Gardens Near The Sun, Keep Your Distant Beauty
02. There Came A Drooping Maid With Violets
03. If I Should Cast Off This Tattered Coat
04. And Clash And Clash Of Hoof And Heel
05. Yes, I Have A Thousand Tongues, And Nine And Ninety-Nine Lie
06. God Fashioned The Ship Of The World Carefully
07. There Was One Who Sought A New Road
08. Strange That I Should Have Grown So Suddenly Blind (Feat. Marissa Nadler)

US CD Angel Oven 2010





Xasthur Portal Of Sorrow - 2010

CD Tracklist:
01. Portal of Sorrow
02. Broken Glass Christening
03. Shrine of Failure
04. Stream of Subconsciousness
05. Karma/Death
06. Horizon of Plastic Caskets
07. Mesmerized by Misery
08. This Abyss Holds the Mirror
09. Mourning Tomorrow
10. Miscarriage of the Soul
11. Obeyer's of their own Deaths
12. Released from this Earth
13. The Darkest Light
14. Hiver de Glace

US CD Disharmonic Variations 2010





Mountain Home Mountain Home - 2007 Language of Stone

CD Tracklist:
01. The Sparrow
02. Battle, We Were
03. Comes, the Winter
04. Omie Wise
05. Nottamun Town

US CD LoS002 Language of Stone 2007


Four Track Recordings and Outtakes - 2005

CD Tracklist:
01. Flora Barone Queen Of The Vaudeville Throne
02. Box Of Cedar Live
03. Famous Song Live
04. Annabelle Lee Live
05. Black Hole Infinity - Four Track California 2005
06. Chelsea Hotel #2 - Four Track California 2005
07. Ashes - Four Track Providence 2003
08 Days Of The Dead - Four Track California 2005
09. Strange - Four Track California 2005
10. Battle Hymn Of The New Republic - Four Track Pr. 2003
11. As I Lay In Death My Son - Ballads Outtake 2003-4
12. Lily, Henry, And The Willow Trees - Alt. Version - Saga Outtake 2004-5




Ivy and The Clovers - 2006

CD Tracklist:
01. The Story Of Daisy & Violet
02. Farewell Heartbreak
03. Air Inside My Lungs
04. Salutations In The Dark
05. Space Out Holy Ghost
06. Summer Of Love Is Over
07. Conjuring Spirit Worlds
08. Clowne Towne
09. Cortez The Killer
10. Silver Summers
11. All Love Must Die

Accessable only though Marissa's grassroots program through her bandcamp,
this is a compilation of 2 other unreleased albums.

Marissa Nadler: written by, vocals, guitar, vocals harmony
Helena Espvall: cello (7)
Otto Hauser: drums (07)
Greg Weeks: synthesizer (07); recorded (07)
Kyle Stumpe: recorded (01 to 06, 08)





Covers Volume I - 2010

Handmade CD of my favorite covers
tracklist includes 16 or 17 songs- all lo-fi home recordings:
This is a new design and each cd comes on eco-friendly recylcled brown digipaks, each one hand painted (and hand stamped). No two are alike.




Covers Volume II - 2011

CD Tracklist:
01 Winter Lady [Leonard Cohen cover]
02 Learning to Fly [Tom Petty cover]
03 Birds [Neil Young cover]
04 Farewell Angelina [Bob Dylan cover]
05 You Don't Miss Your Water [William Bell cover]
06 The River [Bruce Springsteen cover]
07 Motel Blues [Loudon Wainwright III cover]
08 Distortions [Clinic cover]
09 Sara [Bob Dylan cover]
10 The Book of Love [The Magnetic Fields cover]
11 Avalanche [Leonard Cohen cover]
12 All My Trials [Traditional]
13 I'll Be Here in the Morning [Townes Van Zandt cover]







Little Hells Acoustic Demos - 2009

CD Tracklist:
01 Bye Bye Ocean and Sky
02 Heartpaper Lover
03 April is lonely for the Rosary
04 Mary, Come Alive
05 Little Hells
06 Ghosts and Lovers
07 Brittle, Crushed, and Torn
08 The Whole Is Wide
09 River of Dirt
10 Loner
11 Mistress


Ivy and the Clovers - 2009

CD Tracklist:
01 Daisy and Violet
02 Conjuring Spirit Worlds
03 Air Inside My Lungs
04 Space Out Holy Ghost
05 Silver Sunshine
06 Summer of Love is over
07 Farewell Heartbreak
08 Salutations







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